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3 Thrusting & 7 Vibrations Prostate Massagers With Cock Ring3 Thrusting & 7 Vibrations Prostate Massagers With Cock Ring
7 Vibration + Rotation Modes Remote Control Double Prostate Massagers7 Vibration + Rotation Modes Remote Control Double Prostate Massagers
10 Vibrating Heating Function Prostate Massagers With Double Cock Ring10 Vibrating Heating Function Prostate Massagers With Double Cock Ring
3 in 1 Remote Control Prostate Massagers With Cock Ring3 in 1 Remote Control Prostate Massagers With Cock Ring
10 Vibrations & 3 Speeds Wireless Remote Control Prostate Massagers10 Vibrations & 3 Speeds Wireless Remote Control Prostate Massagers


Yes, you don't need to worry. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously, these prostate toys are packed in a box without any label. You can rest assured that no one knows what's in the package. 100% discreet. If you have any questions after receiving it, please feel free to contact us.

By far the most popular is of course the prostate vibrator. Because they usually have a range of vibration patterns and different intensities for users to explore. Some models also include accessories, such as remote controls or add-on accessories for enhanced stimulation, which give the user even more ways to play and stimulate! Naturally, it will be welcomed by more people.

As with any medical device, there are some risks associated with using a prostate massager. Most of these risks can be minimized by following the instructions included with the massager and using it correctly. Additionally, it is important to be gentle when using the massager and to avoid inserting it too deeply. In addition, the use requires attention to cleanliness to avoid the risk of disease infection. It is therefore important to take protective measures during sexual activity.

How often you use a prostate massager depends on your individual needs and preferences. Generally speaking, it is best not to use prostate toys more than two to three times a week. Also, if you're using it to relieve symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, it's best to consult your doctor to determine the optimal frequency of use. If it is the pursuit of sexual stimulation, it is best not to exceed two or three times a week. If you experience any pain or discomfort during use, it is important to stop and consult a healthcare professional.

Yes, prostate sex toys can be used with a partner. But it is worth noting that both parties should ensure good health before use, and use condoms to avoid cross-infection.

If you are a beginner, you should start training with the small prostate massager, which is friendly to beginners and will not have super-intensive stimulation like some large prostate massagers. Start with a beginner prostate massager and train slowly until you become an advanced player.

Common Sense About Prostate Massager

A prostate massager is a device designed to stimulate the prostate gland in men. It is typically inserted into the rectum and used to massage the prostate in order to provide pleasure and/or health benefits. Prostate massagers for men are often recommended for those who suffer from prostate problems such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). They can also be used as a form of pursuit of extreme sexual pleasure.

Using a prostate massager toy can provide a range of benefits, including improved prostate health, improved sexual pleasure, and even relief from some of the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. The male prostate massager can help improve blood circulation to the prostate, which reduces inflammation and improves the overall health of the prostate. It can also help to increase sexual pleasure and improve orgasm intensity. Additionally, some men find that prostate massage helps to relieve symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, such as urinary frequency and urgency.

The prostate massager toys work by stimulating the prostate gland directly. It is inserted into the rectum and then moved in a circular or back-and-forth motion. This stimulation of the prostate can result in increased sexual pleasure and can improve prostate health.

Prostate stimulators: This type of prostate toy is usually soft, oval in shape, small in size, and usually has a variety of colors. There are a certain number of segments or protrusions inside, which can stimulate the prostate and provide intense stimulation to achieve a greater strong sexy response.

Prostate vibrators: Usually with adjustable vibration patterns, the frequency and amplitude of vibration can be adjusted according to personal preferences and desires to achieve a maximum sexual response. The most common type is the thrusting/vibrating prostate massager.

Prostate plugs: These typically have a classic plug-in design, come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and penetrate deep into the prostate to provide long-lasting sexual stimulation.

Prostate stimulation toys: This type of prostate toy usually has multiple configurations that can simultaneously stimulate the prostate and other erogenous areas, including the anus, nerve endings, and anal area, to stimulate the prostate for maximum sexual response. The most common ones are cock ring prostate massager and remote control prostate massager, these prostate toys will take your sex game to a new level.

Using a prostate massager can be a unique experience that many people find to be pleasurable and stimulating. The massager is inserted into the anus and then gently pressed against the prostate gland. This can cause intense sensations and can even lead to intense orgasms. It may take some time to get used to the sensation, but most users find it to be a pleasurable experience.

1. Make sure to use plenty of lubricants.

2. Start with a smaller size and gradually increase the size as you become more comfortable.

3. Relax your muscles, take slow and deep breaths, and focus on the sensations.

4. Stop if you experience any pain or discomfort.

5. Clean the device after each use with warm water and soap.

Prostate toys can be purchased from many different places, including online retailers like Amazon, specialty sex shops, and health stores.

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