Complete Guide to Couples Sex Toy Selection

You may want to spice things up in the bedroom. For many, that means experimenting with sex toys and foreplay that leads to orgasm. However, many adult toys are designed for solo use...

Every relationship reaches a point where you might want to spice things up in the bedroom. For many, this means experimenting with sex toys and foreplay that lead to orgasm. However, many adult toys are designed for solo use. While great for some "me time," what if you want toys to enhance your time together?

To help you orgasm with your partner, we've put together the Complete Guide to Couples Sex Toys.

A Brief History of Sex Toys

If it's been a while since you restocked your adult toy box, you'll be surprised to learn about the vast array of sex toys available today in all shapes, sizes, colors, and even flavors.

Archaeologists have discovered sex toys dating back to the time of China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, around 221 B.C. Some of these ancient toys were found in the same tomb as the famous Terracotta Warriors, perhaps explaining the smiles on some of the soldiers' faces.

The invention of electricity brought sex toys into the high-tech era, with doctors using the first vibrators to treat "hysteria" in female patients. Interestingly, electric vibrators were invented more than a decade before electric irons or vacuum cleaners, proving that orgasms have always been a priority.

Recent technological advances have pushed sex toys into the digital age. Today's toys are no longer just your average vibrator but incorporate everything from smartphones to virtual reality. Modern toys can also be used together in the bedroom, transforming them into couples' sex toys.

Toys for All Sexual Styles

When choosing a toy, consider its intended use and what each partner wants to explore.

Vaginal Stimulation Toys:

  • G-spot Stimulators: Curved vibrators targeting the G-spot.
  • Dildos/Vibrating Dildos: Penetrative toys in various shapes and sizes.
  • Clitoral Sucking Toys: Use air suction to stimulate the clitoris.
  • Bullet Vibrators: Small vibrators for precise stimulation.
  • Bunny Vibrators: Dual-action toys for vaginal and clitoral stimulation.
  • Double-Ended Dildos: Can penetrate two orifices simultaneously.

Penis Stimulation Toys:

  • Cock Rings/Vibrating Cock Rings: Enhance erection and sensitivity.
  • Tenga Eggs: Flexible toys for masturbation or partnered sex.
  • Wand Vibrators: Can be used on the penis, shaft, and testicles.

Anal Stimulation Toys:

  • Prostate Massagers: Stimulate the prostate.
  • Anal Beads: Gradually inserted balls for varied stimulation.
  • Butt Plugs: Insertable toys that stay in place.
  • Double-Enjoyment Vibrators: Stimulate both vaginal and anal canals.
  • Dual-Headed Dildos: Can penetrate both anal canals simultaneously.

Enhancing Foreplay

Consider using massage oil or a butt plug to spice up foreplay and stimulate your erogenous zones. These additions can enhance the overall experience and bring you and your partner closer together.


Sex toys have come a long way, offering endless possibilities for enhancing pleasure and intimacy. By exploring these options, you and your partner can discover new ways to connect and enjoy each other.

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